Free Math Materials for Early Childhood Settings

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Created by leading scholars in the field of early childhood education and with input from teachers, these playful and engaging activities promote young children’s math and executive function skills.

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Why Executive Function Skills Matter in Preschool

Executive function skills, or EF, begin to develop in early childhood and remain useful throughout life. EF includes the ability to follow instructions to complete a task, stay focused despite distractions, and successfully switch between tasks. Research shows that:

  • EF supports problem solving, which in turn supports the development of math skills.
  • Both EF and math skills are linked to a wide range of important academic outcomes.

Teacher Corner

A set of resources designed to boost teacher knowledge and confidence in supporting the development of math and executive function skills.

About DREME For Teachers

Development and Research in Early Mathematics Education (DREME) is a network of scholars across the country who collaborate to advance math teaching and learning for children from birth to age 8. DREME For Teachers prepares early childhood educators to build children’s mathematical learning and executive function skills.