Math in Storybooks

Bring math into storytime! You probably have some books in your classroom library that have math concepts in them. These reading guides will help you highlight the math in the stories as you read them aloud to students and get ideas for other books you might want to add to your classroom library.

Did you know that reading picture books to your students can be an opportunity to develop children’s math and language skills at the same time? Many children’s books have pictures and storylines that feature important early math concepts, such as numbers, shapes, patterns, and measurement. Talking about the math found in picture books can grow children’s curiosity and enjoyment of math.

To offer support around exploring math in books, we offer more than 60 reading guides on the DREME Family Math website. Each guide corresponds to a specific picture book, many of which can be found in public libraries. Originally designed for parents and caregivers to use at home, the guides can also be used by teachers, librarians, and everyone who reads books with children.

Ten guides accompany Spanish books or wordless picture books. Several of the books have been recognized with a Mathical Book Prize for inspiring children to see math in the world around them. Learn more about the collection of guides in this blog post, and how to extend the math in picture books in this article.