Draw Your Building

Use blocks to create a building and then draw a picture of it to show the spatial relationships.

1+ Players
Low teacher engagement


  • Blocks or other building materials (TIP: provide building materials students are familiar with so they are more willing to stop building and begin drawing)
  • Paper
  • Pencils

Setup — Less than 5 minutes

Put paper and pencils in the block area.


  1. One or more students build a structure using the provided building materials.
  2. After completing their building, each student draws a picture of the structure, either by drawing the individual blocks or the overall shape. (Tip: keep students engaged by avoiding strict time limits). 
  3. Ask students to describe their drawing to each other or the teacher. You can also help them write labels on their drawings. Labels can include building features (e.g., door, chimney), shape, material type, number of blocks, and information about the building (e.g., the bridge is empty). 

Checks For Understanding

To deepen children’s learning about early math concepts, talk and ask questions while doing this activity together. Here are some examples to get you started:

Shape Identification
  • “What shape blocks did you use in your building?”
  • “What shapes did you use in your drawing?”
  • I see the tower is at the back of your building. Where is the tower in your drawing?”
  • “Is that block at the bottom or top of your building? Does it go at the top or the bottom of your drawing?”
  • “Where does that ramp go in your drawing? How do you know where to put it?”

Activity Modifications

Once you have tried out the activity, here are some other things you can do. Try these modifications to keep the activity interesting and challenging for students all year:


Give it a Theme
  • Crane and Crane Operator: One child is the construction crane and another child is the crane operator. The operator must give clear directions so the crane knows exactly which block to pick up and where to place it when building. Roles reverse after placing a set number of blocks (e.g., five).
  • Provide students with a drawing or photograph of a building and have them use building materials to recreate that structure.
  • Practice drawing structures with 2-3 blocks before building and drawing larger constructions.
  • Help students take a picture of their building that they can use to help draw their picture.
  • Have students take a photograph of their building and then draw a picture based on the photo.     
  • Draw architectural blueprints of a structure and build based on their plans.
  • Students trade drawings and use them as blueprints to build new buildings. Compare new versions to the original versions of the buildings.
  • Create a structure with a specified number of blocks or add a constraint to the construction (e.g., create the tallest building with only 10 blocks).
  •  Draw the building a second time from a different angle and compare the two.