True or Trick?

“This is a triangle: True or trick?” Children decide if a drawing is really an example of a specific type of shape and try not to get fooled by the tricky examples.

There is 1 version of True or Trick?.

The activity can be adapted to make it easier or harder depending on children’s current knowledge of shapes. 

True or Trick?

This activity is suitable for all children, from those starting to learn about shapes to those learning to describe the defining features (for example, sides and angles) of shape families (for example, triangles, rectangles).

Primary Objective

  • Distinguishing between examples and non-examples of shapes (for example, a drawing that is a closed shape with three straight sides is an example of a triangle, while a drawing that is a closed shape with curved sides is a visually similar non-example)
  • Naming and describing geometric features of shapes (for example, number of sides and angles)
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